kleiner stern


kleiner stern is an artwork that can perceived as a whole only in the mind of the spectator. it consists of a star of david with the geometrical centre right on the campo ghetto nuovo and is laid out over the sestiere cannaregio in venice. only its 12 corners are visible, made of brass elements inserted in the pavement, the lines between are only imaginary or drawings on plans.

why so fragmentary and abstract? most people are not aware that jewish culture is an integral part of our european history and culture. traces are everywhere though not always obvious. this is why only the corners of kleiner stern are shown.

the corners of the star are brass cylinders, diameter 18cm, with an engraved star of david, diameter 12cm, and the wording kleiner stern in jiddish letters. the cylinders are about 5cm thick and will be integrated into the pavement. in positioning the single elements of course is taken care of local conditions like patterns of pavement, energy ducts, sewers etc.

this work is planned to be part of “detournement venise 2009″, a collateral event of  biennale  di venezia, 53. esposizione d’arte.